The Island

Tinos is steeped in history which starts as far back as ancient times.
Worshiping Neptune, home of Aiolos and purgatory for those preparing
for journey to Delphi.

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The island

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Described as “the island of arts and culture”, Tinos, demonstrates cultural legacy, throughout museus, art venues, archaeological & religious sites while the visitor experiences the local art tradition.

This unique identity of Tinos derives from a long-held artistic culture that unfolds before the eyes of the visitor, from side to side, sun-drenched with captivating light, that visitors describe with excitement when come across for the first time.


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At Tinos you’ll find some of the best beaches of the Aegean Sea!
Quiet? Cosmo? Pebbly or Sandy? Peaceful or Ready to Surf? Pick yours now!

  • Bullet IconMikri Kolympithra. A favorite option for families.
  • Bullet IconMegali Kolympithraα. For surf lovers.
  • Bullet IconPachia Ammos. Isolated and quiet, virgin landscape, crystal waters.
  • Bullet IconLeivada. Α pebbly beach worth visiting.
  • Bullet IconKalivia.
  • Bullet IconKionia. The cosmopolitan beach of Tinos.
  • Bullet IconAgios Fokas. Crystal waters in turquoise glares.
  • Bullet IconSanta Margarita. Emerald colors in crystal waters.
  • Bullet IconApigania. For the “alternative” ones.
  • Bullet IconAgios Romanos. Just a few meters away from you.


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Ambulation at Pyrgos

One of the most beautiful villages of Tinos, Pyrgos, has preserve his traditional beauty till today. Walking around alleys you’ll discover the magic of marble unfolding at houses’ lintels, as well elaborately variegated decorating the village from side to side. Pyrgos is the birthplace of Giannoulis Halepas, so it is an opportunity to visit his house(museum). Also, you can visit the Art Department and the museum of marble art. Arriving at the village’s square you can enjoy your coffee or your food under the centenarian plane tree.

Evening stroll at Panormos

The best time to visit Panormos is during the sunset. Strolling at the olden port you can find worthwhile restaurants to taste local viands of the island.

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More than 600 pigeonholes gracing many Tinos’ villages like Agapi, Potamia, Tarampados and Kardiani. Constructed in two layers, downstairs the storage room and upstairs for pigeons, pigeonholes are literally masterpieces and are characteristic badge of the landscape.

Panagia of Tinos

On the top of the land stands out the church of Holy Mary which is one of the most important Greek pilgrimages. Plenty of people every year swarm about to worship the - according to pilgrims - miraculous icon of Holy Mother Mary. Every year on August 15, brilliant festivities take place for the celebrations of Our Lady of Tinos; therefore is a spectacular chance for visitors to attend.


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Artichokes. Small, tight, tasty, ambrosial Tinos’ artichokes cultivates at Komis valley, at Exomvourgo.

Caper. Tinos’ caper is a plant which thrives in wild and rough grounds and wants dry heat and bright sunlight. In the island there is the variety Spinosa and is situated scattered in craggy rocks, hanged above the waves, wall gaps, rocks and in other not possible places. Her wild shape and traditional processing get caper to be delicious and unbeatable.

Louza. Deli meat of Cyclades. Louzas are basically two pieces of clear meat, extracted from the right and the left side of pig’s backbone (sirloin steack).

Sausage. Homemade sausages with scent of marathon’s seed and red wine.

Tino’s cheese. Fresh semi-hard cheese, with soft pleasant taste, fine characteristic smell, white color, plateau-cylindrical shape, weight about 450 gr. Produced by cow milk at the creamery of Αgricultural Collaboration of Tinos and consists delicatessen product. Is consumed as table cheese and replaces feta cheese deservedly at Greek salad and pies. Gently salted.

Macaroon. Traditional Tinos’ production macaroon with baked almond paste steeped in rich smell of rose water and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Offering at marriages and christenings.

Psaraki. From the most tasty fasting desserts at the island, in the shape of small fish and filling of hashed walnut, rusk, zest from oranges and spices. Fried in olive oil and served with powdered sugar.

Brittle. With honey and sesame on lemon leaf.

Sweet cheese pie. A special traditional dessert you can find the whole year and in all houses during the Easter period. Are created with a cheese called “rock”, because it increases their taste and appearance.

Tinos’ Festival

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Tino’s Festival has contributed at miscellaneous visitors categories attractions because offers a notable show schedule, concerts, exhibits etc with the view of the unique natural environment. This ‘scenery”, with the bright sunlight and the Cycladic architecture, enables the audience “to relax and enjoy events” and at the same time inspires artists “to display their deeper-selves”.


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